Senators Fischer & Ricketts Visit Southern Border

U.S. Senators Deb Fischer and Pete Ricketts traveled to the Rio Grande Valley last week as part of a Senate delegation trip to survey the current state of the U.S.-Mexico border.

What is happening here is nothing short of a national security crisis — devasting communities and turning every corner of our nation into a border state. Until the Biden administration gets a handle on who and what is entering the country, the chaos will only continue. Securing the border means enforcing our current immigrations laws, ending catch-and-release, enacting barriers against sex/drug trafficking, and ensuring the exceptional men and women of our Border Patrol have the resources they need,” said Senator Fischer.

President Biden’s failure at the southern border has made every state a border state. I want to thank the Customs and Border Patrol and Texas law enforcement officers for their important work on the front lines of this crisis, and Senator Cornyn for his leadership on this issue. We must step up to protect Nebraska and American lives,” said Senator Ricketts.

At the border, the Senators participated in both night and daytime tours of the border with law enforcement on land and water, visited the Border Patrol’s Ursula Central Processing Center, and met with local law enforcement and landowners to discuss the impact of the Biden administration’s border policies on Texas communities.


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