Ricketts Fighting for Nebraska Priorities in Comprehensive Farm Bill Reauthorization

Senator Ricketts

 U.S. Senator Pete Ricketts (R-NE) commented on the recent temporary Farm Bill extension and highlighted the Nebraska priorities he’s pushing to include in a comprehensive Farm Bill reauthorization. Ricketts made the comments while on a conference call with Nebraska media.

  “There are a lot of Nebraska priorities that should be included in a comprehensive Farm Bill,” Ricketts said. “A strong safety net for producers that protects them from natural disasters and volatile markets. Voluntary, working lands-based conservation programs that protect natural resources without restricting property rights. And, of course, trade programs like the Foreign Market Development Program, which returns $24.50 for every dollar invested.” 

Specifically, Ricketts has introduced three pieces of bipartisan legislation he is working to include in the next Farm Bill reauthorization: the SNAP Next Step Act, the Flood Protection and Infrastructure Resilience Act, and the Rural Microentrepreneur Assistance Act.

“My SNAP Next Step Act would provide services like job search coaching, interview prep, and resume writing to those on SNAP benefits,” Ricketts continued. “We started the SNAP Next Step Program when I was Governor to give people a hand-up, not a hand-out. And we saw great results… My bill would bring that proven Nebraska solution to workers across the country, all at no additional expense to American taxpayers.

“After hearing directly from stakeholders who want to see action on flood solutions in the next Farm Bill, I introduced the Flood Protection and Infrastructure Resilience Act,” Ricketts said. “Flooding can cost agriculture, businesses, and rural communities billions of dollars in losses each year. In 2019, we experienced this directly in Nebraska. My bill would cut red tape and help communities not just recover from disasters, but also reduce future damage.” 

“Finally, my Rural Microentrepreneur Assistance Act would extend and enhance the Rural Microentrepreneur Assistance Program,” Ricketts said. “This program supports small businesses by giving rural microentrepreneurs access to capital for startup and development costs. All three of these bipartisan, common-sense bills would be great additions to the next Farm Bill. Most importantly though, I am committed to securing a full, 5-year Farm Bill reauthorization that Nebraska farmers and ranchers can rely on.“