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COVID-19 Cell.

KRGI News Special Report:Covid Rates On The Rise

COVID-19 Cell.

Covid-19 cases continue to see an increase in the tri-cities with the emergence of the Delta variant and our area health professionals are pleading to the unvaccinated population to help.


The transmission rates are alarming...Michelle Bever, the Director of the South Heartland District Health Department stated in a zoom call with reporters Wednesday afternoon. 

Dr. Daniel Leonard with the Children and Adolescent clinic in Hastings said the best defense to fight covid in our communities is the vaccine 

Now health officials are facing a new challenge, talking vaccinated people into getting booster shots. Teresa Anderson with the Central District Health Department here in GI spoke on that topic Wednesday morning on KRGI 

You will remember 18 months ago the original goal of all the added health measures we took were in short to limit the burden on our health care systems.

Data is indicating that is being accomplished as of yesterday only six percent of hospital beds are being occupied by covid patients in the Central District Health department region but may be misleading according to Adam Horn the Chief Medical Officer at Mary Lanning Healthcare.

Then, there’s the mental health component, a piece that gets dramatically overlooked amid the masked and vaxed arguments stemming on social media.

Increases in mental health issues like depression and anxiety are at all time high levels as well as dramatic uptick in substance use and abuse. One report published yesterday shows nationwide alcohol consumption among women with children has increased by 323 percent since Covid began.   

Kim Kern the director of Behavioral Services at Mary Lanning says taking care of your mental health is as important as protecting yourself from Covid.

More information on the Covid-19 vaccine can be found on the Central District Health Departments website at CDHD.NE.GOV 


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