Grand Island Fire Remembers Former Chief

(Grand Island, NE) - Grand Island Fire Department Facebook Post: We were saddened by the news of Richard L. Simpson's recent passing. As he is laid to rest today, we thought it would be fitting to highlight some of his accomplishments and contributions to the Grand Island Fire Department.  Richard worked for the Grand Island Fire Department from December 17th, 1950, until his retirement on February 16th, 1973. He was promoted to Assistant Chief on April 1st, 1960, and Chief of the Department on April 12, 1961. Chief Simpson’s legacy is still felt today through the improvements made to The Grand Island Fire Department during his tenure. 
-Produced the first set of training manuals for the Grand Island Fire Department based on the Oklahoma Training Manuals. 
-Implemented the practice of training burns. 
-Helped lower the insurance rating for Grand Island by adding additional firefighters and working with the water department to ensure a better water supply. 
-After taking leadership training to better himself as a Chief, leadership training was provided for the Division Chiefs and Captains. 
-Trained a handful of Grand Island Firefighters to be dispatchers so they could fill in when the dispatch center was short of dispatchers. 
-Helped investigate fires and was on the planning committee of Nebraska’s Arson Seminar. 
-Was vice president of Nebraska’s Fire Chiefs Association. 
-Was active in the community of Grand Island and sat on the board for Christmas Cheer. 

Simpson passed away on Friday, December 1st at the age of 92. A celebration of life was held on Wednesday, December 13th at the United Veterans Club. Obituary for Richard can be found HERE