GISH Evacuated

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Grand Island Senior High was evacuated for a short time on Wednesday. Jeff Gilbertson shared the following with GISH parents.


Dear Islander Families,
We wanted to let you know about a fire drill protocol that took place this afternoon. This afternoon a fire alarm at GISH went off that was not part of a planned drill. Following our fire safety protocol, we evacuated the building as standard practice. This was to help ensure all students and staff remained safe while we investigated the source of the alarm.

Within minutes, GIFD and our district safety team confirmed it was a false alarm. After investigating, they confirmed the fire alarm was triggered due to an unintentional malfunction. That issue has been reviewed and will be fixed.

We are grateful to report that all students and staff remained safe. This is an affirmation that the fire safety drills we do throughout the year have shown our students and staff how to handle these situations. Learning and class were only interrupted while we briefly evacuated.

We want to thank the GIFD and our staff for their continued collaboration in maintaining safety and high-quality learning for our Islanders. Please contact me directly if you have any questions regarding school and safety precautions. 

Thank you for your support,
- Jeff Gilbertson
Executive Principal
Grand Island Senior High