Early Ballot Applications Available

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Grand Island, Nebr. – Hall County’s early ballot application postcards have been mailed. The postcards are used for voters to request a mailed ballot for the May 14, 2024, primary election.

“Hall County has 3,425 voters on our early ballot list, which is a list of voters who have applied to have an early ballot application sent to them before every election,” said Hall County Election Commissioner Tracy Overstreet. “Voters who want to receive a mailed ballot simply need to complete the postcard application, sign it and return it to the Hall County Election Office.”

The application does look different this year because of Nebraska’s new Voter ID requirements. “Voters requesting a mailed ballot will need to write their driver’s license or state ID number on the ballot application,” Overstreet said. “If a voter doesn’t have a driver’s license or state ID, they may make a photocopy of a government issued photo ID, such as a passport or military ID, to include with their ballot application.” A complete list of acceptable IDs can be found at the Nebraska Secretary of State’s website.

“We are seeing more duplicate applications for a mailed ballot this year,” Overstreet said. “Part of that is because the Voter ID campaign started in January and put more attention on elections and voters are signing up earlier for a mailed ballot.” Many voters have submitted applications they printed from the state website or the Hall County website (hallcountyne.gov) and submitted those applications, she said.

Additionally, there are some Hall County voters on the early ballot list who will receive two applications from Hall County. “The mail processor printed and mailed duplicate applications to 653 Hall County voters, Overstreet said. “Those duplicate applications can simply be shredded.”

Political parties and civic organizations may also send out ballot applications, and an early voting application will also be printed in the newspaper, as required by law, Overstreet said.

“It’s not a legal problem for voters to receive multiple ballot applications or even to fill out and return multiple applications,” Overstreet said. “Voters may even be issued up to four ballots, which happens if a voter makes an error on the ballot and needs a replacement, but rest assured, only one ballot can be returned and counted for each voter.”

Ballots for the May 14 primary election will be mailed April 8. In-person early voting starts April 15.