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Congressman Smith Joins GOP Congressmen Challenging Election Results

Nebraska’s Third District Congressman Adrian Smith said he will join House Republicans who are challenging the Electoral College results that certify the election of President-elect Joe Biden.


The Congressman made the announcement via a statement from the Congressman's Facebook page.



"Election security and the integrity of the vote is vital to democracy.
Like many Nebraskans, I am deeply concerned about the election process in other states. This wasn’t a typical election — jurisdictions nationwide adjusted their procedures due to the pandemic. While many, including Nebraska, ably conducted their elections in a COVID-safe manner which honored the rule of law and maintained confidence in the integrity of the process, others frankly did not.
I support efforts to identify irregularities, demand transparency, and ensure the results of the Presidential election are based on legally-cast ballots. Actual legal votes cast during the election period determine winners and losers. I don't condone the artificial manufacturing of an election outcome by any candidate, committee, or third party regardless of their political affiliation.
Challenging the results of the Electoral College vote is nothing new. The most recent example was just four years ago when Electoral College votes from the November 2016 election between Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton were tallied in a joint session of Congress and nearly a dozen challenges were put forward by Democrats.
This week the checks and balances built into our system will allow the opportunity to object to electoral votes from states where voting procedures and adjustments to those procedures were at best highly questionable and at worst threaten to undermine our Republic. Nebraskans in the Third District overwhelmingly supported President Trump in November, and they deserve to see Congress have that debate. I plan to support motions to object."