Breaking: Update On Monument Advisors Investigation

Following a nearly two-month-long investigation, the Grand Island Police Department has reviewed 59 reported incidents involving the business of Monument Advisors, located at that time at 2545 W. Old Potash Highway, in Grand Island; and specifically the business dealings of Kelli Lepler, a 45 year old Grand Island female, the owner and operator of that business.

Following the investigation, the Grand Island Police Department has found cause to forward 37 of the 59 reported incidents to the Hall County Attorney’s Office for review. In these instances, the investigation concluded that Lepler used deceptive practices in eliciting business from customers where we could find no evidence that an attempt was made to fulfill those orders after receipt of funds.

The Grand Island Police Department believes that this constitutes 33 Felony counts of Theft by Deception, and 4 additional Misdemeanor counts of Theft by Deception totaling over $200,000 in loss by the victims.

The next step of due process in the Criminal Justice system will be for the Hall County Attorney’s office to review the findings of this investigation and determine if they believe cause to exist for a criminal complaint into the court system for some or all of these incidents.

This investigation required copious hours of hard work by our investigators and other members of the department, and we appreciate the support and patience of the victims of these incidents in allowing us to conduct a thorough investigation.