Bond To Decide Doniphan Trumbull Critical Facility Needs

(Doniphan, NE) - The Donphan-Trumbull Public School’s Board of Education has called a bond election to address critical facility needs. On November 14th, voters will decide on the future of Doniphan-Trumbull Public School with the first substantial building improvement endeavor in more than 40 years. The bond election will consist of a two-question ballot:

Proposition 1 – This bond, not to exceed $22.8 million, encompasses the complete renovation of the entire PreK-12 building, the addition of new classrooms, and the removal of all modular buildings.

Proposition 2 – A bond not exceeding $9.3 million, for the construction of an addition featuring a competitive gymnasium and locker rooms. Proposition 2 can only be enacted if Proposition 1 passes.

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According to Hall County Election Commissioner Travy Overstreet, this is an election all by-mail. All ballots were sent out on October 23. There are no polling sites open for today’s election.

Results of the Doniphan Trumbull School Bond election will be posted on the Hall County website here

The first post will be shortly after the 5 p.m. election close on November 14. It will include ballots from Hall County. The next post will be when we have received and counted ballots from Adams, Hamilton and Clay counties. It will be labeled as the “Unofficial Final Results.” I estimate the final post will be made around 8 p.m. The results will remain as the unofficial final until the Hall County Canvassing board meets to certify the results. Their meeting is scheduled for 1:30 p.m., November 20. The certified results will then to sent to the Doniphan-Trumbull school board and administration.